About me

I’m an analytics manager and software engineer living in NYC.

Professionally, I’ve worked in data for about 10 years in all parts of the stack. I’ve ingested terabytes of operational and log data into firm-wide data warehouses; transformed and modeled raw data to build clean, compact data sets; built countless dashboards to visualize data; and developed statistical models to tease out correlations in the data.

And I’ve worked on everything in between: requirements gathering, stakeholder management, project management, product roadmaps, application development, data governance, data evangelization, recruiting, training and probably a handful of other things. Along the way, I tend to write about whatever I learn.

Currently I’m most interested in how data can be used to accelerate sales and marketing performance in order to measurably grow certain KPIs.

In my personal time, I’m interested in a variety of things, but if I had to name two, it’d be philosophy and systems thinking. I enjoy thinking about what things are and how they relate to one another (as in social systems, economic systems or technical systems).

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