What I do

  • Web scraping: Data extraction from HTML or JavaScript-driven websites, including those requiring authentication or form submission and those using pagination.
  • File scraping: Data extraction from plain-text files or Excel files. Often, datasets must be combined when they are stored within multiple files (eg. an Excel workbook or text file for each year of data).
  • Exploratory data analysis & data validation: What is in the data? Is there missing data? Are there missing files? Are there outliers? Null values? Typos? Do values or dates need to be extracted from text?
  • Data cleaning: Remediating data integrity issues identified during exploratory data analysis: correcting typos, grouping similar text entities, using regular expressions to extract dates or numbers from a column, filling or dropping null data, among others.
  • Analytics: Evaluating trends over time, characteristics by segment, identifying correlations between certain variables or developing regression models.
  • Visualization: Charting analyses or variables, originally in tabular form, to quickly identify and emphasize patterns within the data.

* I use mostly Python and pandas.

What I don't do

  • Machine learning
  • Database management
  • Server administration
  • Website development
  • Interactive data visualization (ie. d3.js)
  • Work that can't be automated (eg. inconsistent data)

Examples of work

  • You have dozens of Excel files with some important data located among mulitple tabs. You need to extract this information into a single file in order to do a multi-year analysis.
  • You have dozens of fixed-width delimited text files. You need to extract certain information, isolate dates within a text field (eg. "The client delivered this on 04/12/2014"), and output certain KPIs over time.
  • You need to scrape data from an HTML website after authenticating.
  • Which groups are more vulnerable to certain risks than others?
  • Break out the income bracket deciles, then correlate brackets with certain factors

Rate, budgeting and scheduling

  • My hourly rate is $75/hr.
  • I don't accept projects that I estimate will take over 20 hours.
  • Together we'll determine a detailed schedule and budget for completed work.
  • Any project-associated fees (eg. travel, data purchase) are incurred by the client.


  • Project overview and scope
  • Budget estimate, schedule & time sheets
  • Work product (and preliminary output)
  • Associated documentation

Testimonials & ratings

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Budget score

  • For each project, I score to what degree we went underbudget.
  • To date, my score is 80% of budget.